Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jays for Hope Event 2015

The Little Giants Foundation was honored to be part of the JAYS FOR HOPE event at Ashland-Greenwood High School's home basketball games vs Raymond-Central.  Awareness and monies were raised to help find a cure for cancers, and CureSearch for Childhood Cancers where Sadie Livers was the memorial recipient, and The Little Giants Foundation where Emily was the honored recipient.  Sadie's mother, Teresa along with Emily and myself were given donations between the girls and boys games literally surrounded in the middle of the gym floor by the players from both teams in a large circle around the court and the fans in the bleachers.  AMAZING.  THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to last night's event!
Little Giants Informational Table

Shooting for a Cure Night

The "silent" but mighty supporters!  Daddy Joe and Taylor-Jo