Friday, January 29, 2016

#Hugs2Heal Campaign

For the first time, we are requesting your support to help raise awareness of Schimke Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia (SIOD) and the Little Giants Foundation(LGF) through a social media campaign from Feb 1, 2016 through Feb 11, 2016 (Emily's Nebraska Little Giants Day proclaimed by former Governor Heineman and Mayors in Gretna, NE and Springfield, NE!)  
We want YOU to:
1. Capture a hug on camera with a: friend, family member(s), pet, team, church, school, organization, daycare, business, work place, etc...
2. Upload that photo and tag it with: #littlegiants #hugs2heal
3. Share it on social media (don't have social media, email or text the photo to me and I'll do it for you!)
4. Invite those you know to do the same
WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THOSE PICS POPPING UP FEB 1st!  We'll start it off via facebook, instagram and twitter the eve of Jan 31st!  Get your cameras ready!  Let's show Emily and the other families afflicted by SIOD some love!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Troy "Mitchell" Cupps- January's Little Giant!

Featuring Troy “Mitchell” Cupps our Little Giant of the Month! He is the Reason Little Giants Foundation was started! Taken from a memorial page, here is a brief overview of this brave little boy's life!:

Troy “Mitchell” Cupps, beloved son, brother and grandson, left this earth for 
the arms of our Heavenly Father Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Born August 5, 2004, 
Mitchell came into this world the light of his family’s lives. He was born with 
Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia, one of the rarest forms of dwarfism in the 
world. Mitchell was one of only four in the nation with the condition and the 
smallest. His untimely death was a result of health issues caused by his rare 
dwarfism. He is survived by: his parents, a sister, 
and two brothers, grandparents and a great-grandmother. 
a maternal aunt and uncle, a paternal aunt and uncle and a cousin, Godparents, physicians, and numerous classmates, friends, teachers, nurses, doctors, fans and followers all over the world. Mitchell inspired and amazed us 
all with his determination to conquer any challenge that came his way. He often 
delighted friends and family with his martial arts abilities, breaking boards 
and sparring with his brothers. He was presented with his black belt in Tae Kwon 
Do shortly before his death. Mitchell attended Metro Christian Academy where he 
made many friends of his classmates and teachers, and enjoyed riding his scooter 
and bicycle, skateboard and sled. He could count to 10 in English, Spanish and 
Korean. One of the highlights of Mitchell’s life was the night he joined the 
Oklahoma Bulls baseball team as Player 03. He was honored December 1, 2009, with 
his own “Mitchell Cupps - Little Giants Day” by former Tulsa Mayor, Oklahoma Governor, and Metro Christian Academy. As the face of the Little Giants Foundation, Mitchell inspired the young and old, big and small, with his zest for life. In his brief time with us, he demonstrated a rare courage that 
few of us will ever know. He understood his differences and adapted to his physical challenges without hesitation or complaint. His sweet, shy nature belied a strong little-boy’s will to do what other kids do naturally-play, 
laugh, love and learn. Mitchell leaves for us a legacy in purpose that will last forever. Those near and far were touched by stories about him that appeared in 
newspapers, magazines, television, and the internet. All who knew our Little Giant will miss him terribly. What the world has lost, heaven has gained.

Joe, Emily, and I were so blessed and privileged to have known Mitchell and his family! ( Taylor-Jo wasn't born yet.) We came together by way of the Little Giants Foundation, then met and became friends for life with this family as we have an unspoken bond because of our children with SIOD.

Joe and I are humbled to have taken over the Little Giants Foundation as of August of 2014 and grateful that Troy and Michelle- Mitchell’s dad and mom- entrusted us in it's care! Emily may now be the “face” of Little Giants, but Mitchell will forever be in our hearts and our hero from above!